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Albert J. Buchheit – Our First Mayor

Albert J. Buchheit, our first mayor, was born in Watertown, Wisconsin in 1876.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he studied dentistry both in Chicago and at Leipzig University in Germany. He opened his first office on Main Street in Park Ridge in 1905, and later built the Buchheit Building on Vine Avenue [...]

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George Carpenter

George Carpenter was a prosperous chandler living in a fine house in Chicago during the prominent era of sailing ships on the Great Lakes. His house was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1871, and he and his wife relocated to their summer house in Brickton, an 18-room mansion located at 20 North Northwest [...]

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George W. Penny

George W. Penny came to our community from the State of Maine, as did many of our early settlers. He was born in 1824. His industry and enterprise lead him to a certain understanding of the process of making bricks, and he located a clay pit perfect for his needs along what is now Grand [...]

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