On August 29, 2019 the Park District installed the official Park Ridge Landmark Plaque at the Solomon Cottage.   The Park Ridge City Council approved the land-marking of the Solomon Cottage in June, 2017.  Then Society Trustee Paul Adlaf, also a member of the Park Ridge Historic Preservation Commission at the time, composed the detailed narrative for this landmark application, and for the Emery Cottage/Wohlers Hall landmark application as well, along with co-author Gayle Mountcastle, Executive Director of the Park Ridge Park District.     However, the installation of this plaque was delayed until this August.   As originally planned, Paul Adlaf, now a Society volunteer, and Society Secretary Pat Adlaf were on hand to welcome the plaque installation team from the Park District for this historic moment.

The Historical Society reminds all visitors to our website that the historic Solomon Cottage, now home to the Park Ridge History Center,  Wohlers Hall and the Emery Cottage are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, along with the entire grounds of our new Prospect Park.

We encourage all residents to visit the History Center to see our new Landmark Plaque, as well as the interesting artifacts collected from the days of the Center when it was the first Cottage constructed on these grounds in 1908.